Itty Bitty Book Club:

Itty Bitty Book Club will have some upcoming programs once school starts.
More information will be forecoming once we get it set.​

Dungeon & Dragons:

We are playing 5th Edition.

Those that have played before meet every Saturday from 6-10pm

Those that have not played D&D before meet every Saturday from 6-8pm

D&D final session will be on September 2nd.  We will start up again in a few months with some one and done sessions.  More information will be coming.


This month we have Touch, Taste, Scent and Feel stations for you to explore.

Have you ever used a microscope?  Have you ever done a taste test?  Have you ever done a smell test of different scents?  Have you ever felt different textures to feel the differences?


Total Solar Eclipse 2017:

  • Thanks to a grant from Space and Science Institute, Starnet and the National Center for Interactive Learning; the Albany Carnegie Public Library will be distributing solar glasses to the first 150 people to come to our Solar Eclipse Event.  

If you have children in Wee-Care or Adventure Club they will be getting glasses earlier in the morning during our school programs.


  • What to expect:




        General Fun for all